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CCS Applicant

Admission Process


CCS Applicant

Who should complete this application process:

– Individuals who have never applied to the CCS program
– Individuals who applied to the CCS program and declined a waitlist offer
– Individuals who applied to the CCS program and were denied admission

1. Complete application and submit to CCS program, including application fee (forms below) by December 27, 2019 (after such date applications will only be accepted on a space-available basis)
2. Submit documentation as requested on the application (applications will not be considered if incomplete)
3. Student/parents(s)/guardian(s) will receive an email when COMPLETE application is received
4. Complete application materials/documentation will be review by an application screening committee
5. Applicants will be contacted via email to advise if an interview is granted
6. If interview is granted, student and parent(s)/guardian(s) will be contacted for scheduling
7. Student/parents(s)/guardian(s) will attend interview
8. If student is interested in continuing the process, student will submit a post interview essay (as discussed during interview)
9. Student may be asked to come back to spend a half day on campus (student will be contacted via email if required)
10. Student and parent(s)/guardian(s) will be advised of application status (accepted, waitlist, decline) via email in March.

• CCS APPLICANT – click and print one set
• Student Recommendation Form – click and print three
• Transcript Request Form – click and print
Guardianship Information – click and print
• Application Fee: Non-refundable $75
• Application Deadline: December 27, 2019

The CCS Program admissions committee will begin notification of application status in March

All accepted students will be notified via email and postal mail.
Due to the size of the program, A signed acceptance letter and a deposit will be due within ten business days of notification of admission. Accepted students and parent(s)/guardian(s) are required to attend an early summer student/family orientation.