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Wait List Applicants

Wait List Admissions Process




PLEASE NOTE: This application is ONLY for individuals from the 2019 admissions application process, who accepted Wait List status.

As a wait list applicant from the 2019 admission process, you are able to reapply for the 2020 academic school year application process using a modified application process as noted below.

All elements must be received by NOVEMBER 29, 2019 for consideration as outlined below. Please note decisions will not be granted until the full application process is complete and all applicants are reviewed.

Admission Criteria

• Have returned the Wait List acceptance form for the 2019 admission process.
• Be between the ages of 18-25
Student must turn 18 by December of their freshman year in the CCS Program
Student must be 25 or under on the date of application for the CCS Program.
• Display student conduct that demonstrates independence, motivation and stability
• Express interest in participating in a collegiate based living experience
• Demonstrate a continued desire to advance one’s education and have the ability to benefit from a college-based program.

Admission Process

• Decide if you are submitting your application for EARLY DECISION (this is a binding commitment if accepted) or General Admission
• Complete submission requirements and mail to CCS program no later than NOVEMBER 27, 2019
• Please note: an application fee is NOT required for wait list applicants.
• Students of interest will be contacted for a mandatory student/parent ONLINE MEETING
• Students MAY also be requested to attend a brief on campus meeting with CCS staff
Application Deadline: NOVEMBER 27, 2019

Submission Process
1. Please complete and submit the attached Wait list application.

2. Please submit a current resume.

3. Please answer and submit a response to the following short essay questions*.


Wait List Applicant – click and print
Application Fee: NA (Wait-list Only)