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What is the Mission of Career and Community Studies?

CCS is a four-year liberal studies program designed to prepare students with intellectual disabilities for adult life through academic rigor, career preparation, independent living and peer socialization as part of a college-based program.

How does Career and Community Studies (CCS) differ from other postsecondary opportunities?

CCS core principles support the concept that enhancing academic, social, employment and life skills will better prepare our students to lead full and productive lives. CCS is a comprehensive college experience designed to raise the expectations of all students admitted to the program.

What do you mean by the words “transition” and “postsecondary” student?

A transition student is a student who is still receiving services from their local high school or from a Special Services school.  A postsecondary student is a student who has completed their secondary education and who may have graduated from or terminated their services with their school.

What is the admission criterion?

An applicant must be between the ages of 18-25 years old and have an ‘intellectual disability’ characterized by significant limitations both in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills. Applicants are young adults who desire to continue their education and have the ability to benefit from a college based program.  Applicant’s conduct must demonstrate independence, motivation and stability.

What is the application process?

  • Complete an application (available for download on-line)
  • Submit a completed student application packet and application fee
  • Submit all documentation (verification of an intellectual disability)
  • Participate in a Personal Interview when/if invited.

How do I request a Student Application Packet?

Student Application packets are available on-line at

How many applicants are offered admission each year?

Student applications are usually submitted in October, with applicants considered for enrollment for the following fall semester.  Admission determinations are usually made by March 31.

Eight to ten full time students will be admitted each year for fall semester.

Is it a residential or commuter program?

CCS is designed as a residential program utilizing off-campus residences that are contiguous to campus.  Some students live off campus in rental properties very close to campus.

What kind of certificate do I get?

Graduates will receive a Career & Community Studies (CCS) certificate of completion, with transcripts of all CCS credit courses and the development of a professional and digital portfolio.

What do I have to complete to get a certificate?

Students must complete 142 (CCS) credit hours to receive a certificate.  The certificate comprises credits from TCNJ electives, CCS core coursework, independent study, on campus practicum and off campus internships.

Note: CCS credits are specific to the CCS program, not applicable to any TCNJ degree program.

How many classes does a participant take each term?

Full time students will attend 4 academic classes and participate in a variety of independent study coursework based on individual interest. Classes are scheduled M-F from 9am -3:45pm  with some late afternoon and evening courses depending upon individual student course schedules.

Who will be teaching the coursework?

TCNJ Elective Courses are taught by TCNJ faculty. Most CCS courses are taught by NJ certified teachers with a Master degree.

Will there be student mentors?

There will be TCNJ peer student mentors drawn from throughout the campus. Mentors will assist CCS students both academically and socially with support to become fully integrated into the college community.

What are student fees?

The College Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing the tuition and rates each July.  During the 2015-16 academic year, CCS program tuition/fees were $11,240 per semester (full time), not including housing, meal plan  nor books, On-Campus Recreation / Leisure Experiences. The optional Summer Honors program tuition rate for 2016 was $5,279 for summer honors session. Tuition costs reflect the individualized nature of CCS that involves faculty and student mentor preparation; curriculum adaptation and development; and adequate support staff so that the CCS mission is completely fulfilled.

Are there opportunities for scholarships or grants?

Currently there are no scholarships or grants available. More resources are available at the Financial Planning page.  We encourage all students complete the FAFSA form – Pell grants are now available for eligible students who may apply with the Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA).

How do I schedule a visit?

The best time to visit is during CCS Open House held in the Fall.  In addition, campus mini-tours are offered during the semester and include time in a classroom followed by a student led campus tour.  Mini tours are offered on specific dates posted on the “visit us” tab, and the number of registrants are limited, pre-registration is required. If you are considering applying it is suggested you attend Open House and take a mini-tour.