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Post-Secondary Certificate Program

Program Attributes

  • Full-Time (4 Year) Certificate Program
  • Two Semester Program, plus a Summer Session option
  • Student Fees
  • Core CCS coursework and Practicum/Internship experiences that are designed to promote student independence and reflect student interest.
  • Student outcomes are documented and evaluated based on CCS student evaluations.
  • Peer Mentorship Support
  • Electronic Portfolio development

Eligibility / Admission Criteria

  • Students must be at least 18-25  years
  • Students must present a disability characterized by significant limitations both in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills
  • Students must present a means of communication including basic skills in functional literacy and numeracy
  • Students must demonstrate appropriate student conduct to participate successfully in the program
  • Students must demonstrate a strong desire to continue their education and have ability to benefit

Application Procedures

  1. Application and supporting forms can be downloaded off of the webpage
  2. Complete and submit the application packet: (including a non-refundable application fee of  $75.00) Student Information, Family Information, Educational History, Employment History, Medical History, Personal Support Inventory, Information Release/Exchange and Student Questionnaire
  • Submit Educational Evaluations
  • Submit High School Transcripts
  • Submit (4) Letters of Recommendations
  • Submit Health Form
  1. All  Applicants who meet the eligibility requirement will be scheduled an interview
  2. Students will be notified of their Admission status by mail.
  3. Orientation for accepted students and their family occurs in June
  4. A deposit will be required for students accepted for fall term.

Student Outcomes

  • Student Portfolio
  • Certificate in Career & Community Studies from TCNJ
  • Career/Employment Development
  • On-going TCNJ Alumni Activities
  • Community Integration