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Off Campus Houses

In the past, CCS students lived in off campus houses no further than 3 blocks away. These homes were not owned by the college. Parents paid rent directly to the landlord and were also responsible for monthly utilities. Each house varies in rent, amenities, location and layout. An ideal setup up would consist of 3 CCS students, same gender, same year and 1 house mentor. This setup is not guaranteed due to available housing and student needs.  As of this academic year, incoming CCS students live in homes contiguous to campus owned and operated by TCNJ off campus housing, with a student life mentor.


There are so many skills that our CCS students learn in our housing experience from cooking and cleaning to living well with others.

There are currently 10 houses in the community that CCS students live in. Students have more opportunity to practice independent living skills, learn how to live with roommates and have an increased opportunity to attend social activities.

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