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Fees are the cost of both tuition (academic fees) and general student fees in which all TCNJ students must pay. The academic fees are the costs related to program and reflect the individualized nature of CCS program which supports faculty, student mentors; curriculum adaptation and development; support staff and services as well as general operating costs. Student fees are college related items that all TCNJ students are charged for a variety of services and supports (as listed below).

Fees are due according to PAWS tuition schedule.  Funding is the responsibility of the student and their family. Late charges will apply to all late payments.

The current rate for the Fall 2021-20222 CCS program is $12,064 per semester. This does not include housing costs, Maymester, and individualized meal plans.

The current housing rate for the Fall 2021-2022 program is $ $5,600 per semester.

*The costs for each year are reviewed/determined by the TCNJ Board of Trustees in the summer. These rates are posted on the college’s website.

*Please note the above does not include meal plans, books or incidentals.

Maymester (May-June) reflects an optional program component and the offerings will be available later in the year.  The tuition for the Maymester Session Academic Fee will be announced later.  Additional student fees will be applied at a rate to be determined (by Spring, 2022).  The Summer Honors Session rate will be announced along with application process later in 2022.  The fee for Summer Honors Session includes a robust community engagement component and will include travel.

Summer Honors Program

Theme specific information, courses, travel and costs associated with the application-based summer honors program are announced during the winter break. This is not a required semester. Students who apply/selected for this program receive an honors cord for graduation.

Fee Payment Schedule


Fall Semester

Payment due date: See schedule on PAWS

Spring Semester

Payment due date: See schedule on PAWS

Maymester Session

 TBD One time payment to be determined (plus student fees if applicable) 

Please note that unpaid fees in accordance with the fee schedule, will result in students being de-registered from their classes.