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Student Life Mentor

Student Life Mentors are typical full time TCNJ students that vary in their major, academic year, age and gender. Mentors are housemates that assist and guide our CCS students towards daily independence.

Student Life Mentors receive First Aid Certification, Orientation and Training before CCS students move in their perspective houses. Student Life Mentors receive guidance and supervision from the CCS Student Life Coordinator throughout the year as well.

Student Life Mentor Goals:

– Build Community

– Role Model typical college behavior

– Work towards daily independence

Student Life Mentors follow a ‘Student Life Mentor Agreement’ that is shared with the mentor, students, and families before appointment.  This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of the mentor. It is important to have clear expectations of Student Life mentors. Mentors are not to be confused with a nanny, housemaid or personal companion and will not act as a guardian in the absence of parents/guardians. Student Life Mentors are compensated with rent and utilities for their live-in supports by the CCS student’s parents/family.

CCS houses all have Student Life Mentors that follow the same Student Life Mentor Agreement. However responsibilities may be carried out differently in each house based on the housemate’s interests, strengths and schedules. CCS houses have safety meetings and house meetings regularly. House Rules are then developed and agreed upon by the people that live in the house (students and Student Life Mentor). Student Life Mentors support students with the transition into college life and help establish a routine for the house. Student Life mentors will support independent living skills as well as encourage students to become socially and physically active on campus.

Student Life Mentors are ‘on duty’ two weekends a month. During these two weekends mentors will engage in one activity with all housemates. The rest of the weekend the Student Life mentor will be available for support and encourage students to socialize, and participate in on campus activities but will not be held responsible to keep students entertained through out the whole weekend.


Interested in becoming a Student Life Mentor?

contact Victoria Swift at