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Meet CCS Faculty and Staff



Dr. Jerry G. Petroff is a Professor at The College of New Jersey, School of Education in the Department of Special Education, Language and Literacy. In addition, he is the Faculty Director of the Career and Community Studies Program and is the Principal Investigator of the New Jersey Consortium on Deafblindness and a variety of additional related grant projects. Dr. Petroff has over thirty years of experience working on behalf of students, youth and adults with disabilities with an emphasis on sensory impairment including those with spectrum disorders. Holding a doctorate in psychological studies in special education, he is an expert in inclusive education, assistive technology (augmentative and alternative communication), and the transition of students with disabilities from school to adult life. Current areas of research and focus relate to the (1) promotion of early communication in children with complex disabilities with a focus on autism and sensory impairment; (2) social network development of students with autism and other related sensory impairments; (3) post school lives of youth who are deafblind; and (4) issues of behavior support for children with multiple disabilities / deafblindness. 

Assistant Director:

Email:, Phone: 609-203-1626

Amy K. Schuler has been with the Career and Community Studies Program since 2010. During this time she has supported and advanced the program in a variety of capacities including Academic Specialist and Vocational Coordinator. In her current role as Assistant Director,  she is responsible for the program’s daily operations, student coordination and the advancement of core goals and partnerships. She also serves as an instructor for the CCS program and as an adjunct professor for The College of New Jersey’s First Seminar Program and the School of Education’s Department of  Language and Literacy.

Amy received her BS in Communication from Boston University and her MAT in Special Education from The College of New Jersey. Prior to joining TCNJ, Amy had extensive experience in marketing, philanthropy, and event planning in both the private and public sectors.


Affiliated Faculty:

Email:, Phone: 609-771-2221

Dr. Stuart Carroll has been at TCNJ since 1998. Over this time he has taught a number of field-based courses in both graduate and undergraduate Elementary and Early Childhood programs, has taught introductory and capstone classes throughout the School of Education, and has taught at TCNJ sites in Venezuela, Israel, Bolivia, Kuwait, Taiwan, Egypt, Thailand, and Spain. In summers he is the coordinator of TCNJ’s summer program in Mallorca, Spain which is looking forward to its 33rd summer. He is currently the Director of Graduate Global Programs.  Dr. Carroll has been involved with the Career and Community Studies program, which serves young adults with intellectual disabilities, since its inception, and has created courses and programs that bring the students in the program together with teaching candidates from across the School of Education.  Dr. Carroll has worked to develop and maintain his department’s One Department, One Book initiative, and is interested in promoting pre-service teacher’s personal and professional development in a variety of ways.

Academic Coordinator:

Email:,Phone: 609-771-3197

Bryana B. DeMonte has been with the Career and Community Studies Program as the Academic Coordinator since 2013. She is responsible for advising students through their course selection process as well as providing the supports and tools to be successful during their academic careers. Her role as academic coordinator provides her the opportunity to build relationships with faculty, staff, and mentors across TCNJ’s campus. She instructs several CCS core curriculum courses including Academic Support Seminar, Assistive Technology and Living Independently for Everyone. She also serves as an adjunct professor in the Liberal Learning Department and School of Education’s Department of Language and Literacy. Bryana has a special interest in Assistive Technology and enjoys researching new apps and software. She also enjoys guiding and supporting student mentors of the CCS program to reach their fullest potential as student leaders.

Bryana received her Master of Arts in Special Education from The College of New Jersey and her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Deaf Studies.


Student Life Coordinator:

Email:, Phone: 609-771-2959

Victoria Swift has been with the Career and Community Studies as the Student Life Coordinator since 2015. She is responsible for organizing and overseeing students’ residential housing experience and encouraging them to take advantage of all of the social opportunities and resources available on-campus. Her roles as the Student Life Coordinator provides her with the opportunity to work alongside various departments on campus, including TCNJ’s Residential Education and Housing. She recruits, provides trainings, and offers on-going support to all CCS Student Life Mentors who support CCS students within their TCNJ/TSC housing.

Victoria instructs several CCS courses including Student Life Seminar, Health and Wellness, and Heroes in Literature and Film. She is also an adjunct professor in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department as she teaches Feminist Disabilities.

Victoria received her Master of Arts in Special Education from The College of New Jersey and her Bachelor of Science in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.  She is currently pursuing her Doctoral Degree in Education (Ed.D.) at Rutgers University New Brunswick, with a concentration in Education, Culture, and Society.


Vocational Coordinator:

Email:, Phone: 609-771-2098

Jonathan Chalmers  joins the CCS program with a multitude of vocational experiences for young adults with ID including his most recent position at Community Options, Inc.’s School to Employment Program/STEP.  Before relocating to New Jersey, Jonathan worked for five years at Transition Opportunities at the University of Rochester (TOUR), a post-secondary special education program based on a college campus in Rochester, New York.  Jonathan earned his undergraduate degree from SUNY Geneseo and his Masters from SUNY Brockport.

In his role as CCS Vocational Coordinator, he will oversee the on-campus practicums, off-campus internships, and career readiness/transition courses.

Program/Business Manager:


David Rims is currently the Project Manager for the Career & Community Studies Program (CCS), Support Service Providers for the State of New Jersey Project, Work Skills Preparation Program and the CCS Plus Project, a federally funded five year grant. His credentials include degrees in Health Administration and Cardiopulmonary Technology. David oversees the financial  aspects of the CCS program. He has developed excellent working relationships with the necessary internal services on campus supporting the  growth of the program. Prior to this position David has twenty seven years of experience in hospital administration.

Program Assistant:

Email:, Phone: 609-771-3342

Ankit Parikh is currently the Program Assistant for the Career & Community Studies Program (CCS) and has been with CCS in 2019. Ankit supports staff, faculty, and students in various capacities throughout the program including; extensive involvement and managing of the application process for prospective students, maintaining the database for student files, managing community outreach, updating yearly transcripts, management of campus events, management of social media accounts, and much more. Ankit Parikh received his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration (specializing in Marketing) with a minor in Psychology from The College of New Jersey in 2018.