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Program Information

The CCS program is designed to provide academic, vocational and social experiences for young adults in a highly a supportive yet challenging campus environment.  A student-centered plan will be developed for each student through their participation in the Personal Exploration 101 course. Specific objectives will be developed and assessed through course work in four central areas; liberal studies, vocational development, independent life and socialization /leisure.  Students will receive support through trained mentors (specific to this program) while they participate in a variety of coursework and field based experiences on campus and off campus.  This four-year liberal studies program is a matriculating/non-degree bearing program resulting in a certificate in Career and Community Studies. (CCS students will accumulate only CCS credits and will not matriculate into the TCNJ accredited system) Portfolio development will be on-going and result in both a certificate of completion and digital portfolio.  Projected student outcomes will include; student satisfaction and self awareness, career identification and vocational skill development, social skill enhancement, self advocacy, and greater community independence.

High school students interested in participating in the CCS program my also apply.  CCS is an approved Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary(CTP) program.  For a student interested in completing their transition plan in an age appropriate environment, with a high level of academic content and college peer activities, CCS is for you.  Students will work on completing a course of study that meets the CCS certificate program with students identifying their individual goals and objectives. Please note that participation in the CCS program at TCNJ does not represent a high school educational program and may not provide all program services that may be detailed in a students Individualized Education Program.( such as OT, PT and Speech Therapy.)

The Certificate in Career and Community Studies

The CCS Certificate is designed to be completed in 4 years of full-time study. The 142 credit certificate is comprised of CCS core coursework, practicum and internships, and TCNJ course electives. The coursework is designed to prepare young adults to become more independent as ‘thinkers and doers’, to sample and develop their employment skills and to establish a foundation of self advocacy and self determination for adult roles in their communities.  Practicum opportunities involve  specific clusters of vocational experiences on campus leading to an identified student interest for their off campus Internship experience during the senior year. TCNJ Elective courses involve participation in a wide range of coursework based on student interest. See Course Sequence tab for examples.

The Student Portfolio

To complete the certificate program, students are required to construct a portfolio of permanent products that demonstrates their learning in a variety of formats. Students may elect to use written products, sound and video recording, visual representations, and artifacts (articles, brochures, etc.). Student portfolios will be evaluated by a faculty committee using standard criteria (rubric). It is our intent that student portfolios will have functional value as students apply for employment.