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Course Descriptions

The core coursework includes the following topics.

*NOTE: CCS credits are specific to the CCS program, not applicable to any TCNJ degree program.*

Core Courses

Title Description
Freshman Seminar This series of seminars is required of all incoming freshman. It introduces entering students to campus life, and prepares them to live and study together in an environment that encourages exploration and honors diversity
Personal Exploration An examination of past experiences and personal goal development. Students will explore the experiences that have influenced their development and use person centered planning tools to develop and work toward meaningful goals.
Career Exploration Through a variety of activities and experiences, students will explore their vocational preferences, and aptitudes. Students may sample a variety of campus-based employment activities, and conduct research into career opportunities in their communities. Students will have on campus and off campus career internships.
Community Life Students will learn about services and supports in their communities. This activity based course will guide students in the process of identifying and accessing community resources.
Personal Finance Students will learn the basic elements of personal finance including, developing a budget, banking, credit and informed/critical consumerism.
Health and Wellness This course is a survey of health and wellness. Students will explore what it means to be healthy, how to achieve and maintain wellness… Topics will include; nutrition, health maintenance, basic first aid, and fitness.
Psychology of Human Relationships This course is an exploration of personal relationships that contribute to an active and satisfying lifestyle. This course will involve students in the discovery and experience of varied opportunities for understanding, initiating and maintaining a relationship.
Assistive Technology In this hands-on course, students will be introduced to a variety of assistive technologies. An individualized assessment of assistive technology needs will be conducted. Students will use assistive technology to communicate, access written materials, and conduct research. This will follow Computer Literacy courses 101 and 102.
Practicum I and II Based upon the student’s individualized learning goals, Practicum I and II is a supervised hands-on experience in five cluster areas of employment on the TCNJ campus. The practicum occurs during the students sophomore and junior year.
Internship I and II internship gives seniors the opportunity to explore additional career and community interests and resources. Internships will occur off campus for extended periods of time and are connected to individual career paths for employment
Great Conversations Seven two-week modules focused on an important issue or issues in an academic discipline. Curriculum created and delivered by student groups in conjunction with TCNJ faculty advisor.

Note: Coursework continues to be developed. Individual course syllabus will be disseminated to students at the beginning of each course.