The College of New Jersey

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Course Sequence

CCS Coursework for the CCS Certificate

  1. CCS students attend classes designed specifically for Career & Community Studies and TCNJ elective courses.
  2. CCS courses focus on independent living, financial independence, computer literacy skills and career awareness and discovery.
  3. TCNJ elective courses are selected by the student’s area of interest and are taken independently and/or with mentor support.
  4. A CCS Certificate requires students to participate in both CCS and TCNJ coursework in addition to practicum and internship hours.
  5. CCS course development is in progress.  A course syllabus for each course will be provided at the beginning of each semester on the first day of class.
  6. Course offerings will continue to increase as they become available to CCS students.

Download a copy of the CCS Course Control Sheet

TCNJ Course Electives

These are examples of courses taken, new courses are offered each semester
AFA 101: Experiencing Art
AFA 111: Drawing
AFA 113: Color Theory & 2D Design
AFA 103 Painting & Design
AAE 350: Orientation to Art Therapy
AAE 355: Art Therapy
MUS 170: College Choir
MUS 245: History of Jazz
MUS 246: Music in Global Perspective
MUS 102: Beginner Classical Piano
TST 161: Creative Design
ANT 110: Cultural Anthropology
COM 212: Intro to Television Studio
COM 350: Documentary Production
COM 370: Topics in Comm. Studies: International Communication
COM 240: Public Speaking in Bus. & Gov’t
COM 370: Topics in Communication Studies
COM 255: Acting for Stage & Screen
SPE 631: Transition Ed & Community Based Instruction
RAL 225: Children’s Literature
DHH 105: PRG/SRV for Ind Who Are Deaf/HH
ECE 201: Infant Thru Adol Dev Early Childhood
FSP 101 Culture of Harry Potter
FSP 125 Harry Potter
FSP 121 Abilities Unplugged
FSP 132: Multicultural New York
HES 351: Stress Management
HES 282: Sports Concepts & Skills
HES 160: Current Health & Wellness Issues
HES 307: Principles and Problems of Coaching
HES 182: Lifespan Wellness Activities
Fitness Classes: Yoga and Strength Training
MKT 380: Advertising
SPA 101: Basic Spanish Sequence I
ITL 101: Beginner Italian
NUR 220: Wellness Promotion Across Lifespan
NUR 110: Unitary Man & Environment
PSY 101: General Psychology
PSY 216: Personality Theory & Research
VPA 101: Integrated Visual & Performing Arts
ADA 180: Digital Imaging
IDS 252: Society, Ethics, & Technology
WGS 340: Gay & Lesbian History
WGS 220: Gender & Popular Culture
WGS 200: Women Culture & Society
WGS 320: Men & Masculinities

Year One


Fall Planning Forum I
Personal Exploration I
Career Exploration I
TCNJ FSP 121: Freshman Seminar
Spring Planning Forum II
Computer Literacy I
Career Exploration II
Child & Adolescent Development 230
Great Conversations I
 Summer (Specific course options will vary)
TCNJ EDUC 513 Collaboration
Independent Living Courses TBD
Community Life Courses

Year Two


Fall Consumer Mathmatics
Computer Literacy II
Great Conversations II
Sophomore Practicum I
TCNJ Course Elective
Spring Psychology of Human Relationships
Personal Finance
TCNJ Course Elective
Sophomore Practicml II
(Specific course options will vary)
Summer Independent Living
Community Life

Year Three


Fall Junior Practicum I
TCNJ Course Elective
Assistive Technology
The World Today
Spring Junior Practicum II
Exploring NJ: Historical Perpective
TCNJ Course Elective
TCNJ Course Elective
Summer (Specific course options will vary)
Community Life Courses
Independent Living Courses

Year Four


Fall Community Internship I
Academic Book Club
Senior Portfolio I
TCNJ Elective
Spring Community Internship II
Academic Book Club II
Senior Portfolio II
TCNJ Elective
Total Credits needed to receivecertificate: 142